America’s Economy As Told By Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert

08.12.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

For those brave enough to watch the news, knowing the American economy has seen better days is common knowledge. Money’s slow, stocks are falling and forecasters are predicting things to get worse before green pastures are seen again. That’s why, sometimes when the news is so putrid, the best medicine is to just kick back and laugh. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert take on the intimidating topic of the recession in their own unique manners to discuss America’s credit rating dropping from AAA to AA+.

Comparatively speaking, Stewart’s clip is superior, but both drive home the point that we’re living in a country whose money is dwindling while the opinions of those who run it are growing. Not exactly the best ratio to have in today’s day and age. And before someone sticks their chest out and types this came on Monday night, I’m well aware. Plus, it’s not like anything has changed anyway.

Seen: FoD

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