Jon Stewart Steps On FOX News’ Neck

05.12.11 6 years ago 28 Comments

Yesterday, we received some slight flack for not addressing the highly toxic FOX News/Common/White House controversy. As has been stated before around these parts, none of us here are political wizards, so speaking on every quarrel to rear its head is something we do not, and will never, specialize in. That being said, their holy war against Com’s invite was nothing short of FOX attempting to heave more propaganda to support whatever their ill-advised initiative dictates. Was it classless? Of course, but it’s FOX. The same way people have unprotected sex knowing there is a good chance they’ll either end up with a kid or disease (or both) is the same way people watch said station knowing their IQ will be slightly lowered upon turning the channel. You know what you’re getting yourself into.

But it’s always funny when their own bullsh*t is thrown right back in their face. Thankfully, that’s what Jon Stewart was placed on this planet to do.

The famed comedian/political commentator took approximately 10 minutes on his own show to address FOX’s claim that Lonnie was this vile, misogynistic, drug peddling, cop killer based off one poem they misinterpreted. Obviously perturbed by their painting, Stewart and his research team took the liberty to piece together a collage of bonehead and hypocritical moments including an interview the station actually conducted with Common not even a year ago. There’s also a clip President Bush recognizing Johnny Cash with an award even though Cash has had his fair share of rebellious lyrics centered around violence and drug abuse. With each insult thrown by Jon, the proverbial egg on FOX’s face gets larger and larger to the point where continuing the verbal assault is unfair.

On behalf of Hip Hop, well done, Mr. Stewart. The ball is in your court now, FOX. You should respond by inviting Cam’ron back. That’ll show us.

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