Video: J.R. Smith Dunks On Gary Neal

12.17.10 7 years ago 17 Comments

Gary Neal’s name sounds unassuming, one that doesn’t fit an NBA player at least. Seems more like a moniker for an accountant or car wash manager. Perhaps I don’t catch enough Spurs games but the only time I’ve even seen Neal is when he ends up on a YouTube clip or Sports Center and they’re never sparkling highlights, such as this imaginary handshakes & pounds clip he gives after making a free throw. In fact, that particular clip alone leads me to believe the guy is out of his gourd or out of place amongst high-caliber pros at least.

Image: CBS

Furthering the case against himself but inserting his name in dunk folklore, Gary Neal made history the wrong way by attempting to take a charge when the Nuggets J.R. Smith took the rock the rim. I don’t suspect that rusty Spur died like Eddie tried to convince me to believe. But it definitely looks like part of Gary’s soul was whisked away with J.R. as the Nugget rose to rim.

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