Video: Kanye Invokes The Spirit Of Russell Jones

09.13.09 8 years ago 81 Comments

$5 says Jay & Amber put Kanye up to ODB’ing Taylor Swift.

Hear me out.

Kanye performed “Good Life” @ Jay’s Answer The Call. It featured T-Pain, the same T-Pain who’s Auto-Tuned his way into a mini-beef with Jiggaman. T-Pain worked with Taylor Swift for “Thug Story.” Taylor Swift was pitted against Beyonce for whatever award it was.

See where the degrees of separation decrease?

Since the winners list leaked, Beyonce was probably livid, but she wouldn’t dare lash out for fear of ruining her polished image. Hov probably pushed Kanye to do it sort of how Rodney was pushin’ Strike to do shit in Clockers.

Then again, it could’ve all been scripted like Borat/Eminem spectacle that MTV orchestrated.

Whatever the case may be, my source tells me Kanye was backstage drinking chocolate Yahoos, looking regretful.

Update: Beyonce, wearing a red dress, brings out Taylor Swift, wearing a red dress, to “have her moment.”

MTV staging fail.

Update: Kanye’s ghostblogger apologizes.

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