Kevin Hart And His Many Parenting Issues

01.28.11 7 years ago 16 Comments

On everything, the following sentence is not a subliminal height joke. Kevin Hart came up in 2010. Or at least that was my perception of the guy. Soul Plane was always that one label placed upon him from people I knew, but with the release of last year’s Seriously Funny, the world seemed to open up for him. Everyone quoted his lines via Facebook statuses and tweets (and still do), the sales of the DVD landed him at the top of the charts, he’s become D-Wade’s off court running mate and even landed a role in the new Fockers movie.

The comedian hailing from the streets of Philadelphia was a guest recently on Lopez Tonight for what resulted in one hilarious segement. Lopez wasted no time pulling the skeleton out of closet asking him about the now legendary “Diddy fire.” Entertaining moments indeed, but the funniest part of the entire clip happens when the conversation shifts to his kids – his daughter’s grades and his son’s determination of being a real life Spiderman.

It’s a ten minute clip, but I wouldn’t advise you to watch something I didn’t myself. Go ahead, you know you want to; even if it’s just to tell me I have horrible taste in comedy.

Respect: Lowkey

Since we’re on the topic of Lopez, Wiz Khalifa was the special musical guest last night. It doesn’t take much effort to figure out the song he performed, but what no one saw coming was the yellow patch of hair he donned doing so.

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