CuDi SLuGS a FaN

12.13.09 8 years ago 29 Comments

I tried to ignore this one when the clip kept being emailed to me and I noticed it making the rounds.

The convoluted story goes that a fan threw a wallet on stage @ his recent show in Vancouver, Cudster got aggy and then slugged the guy. The wrong guy that is.

And he threw the lightest “punch” ever.

Every time you give the guy a little credit, he flips the script. He drops a great album, puts on engaging stage shows and even gave up that trouble Twitter account for Pete’s sake. Then he goes, lets the Kanyeisms and bi-polar behavior kick in, which results in situations like this occurring.

I can relate. Once, I mistakenly punched a cat in a similar manner. Not exactly mistakenly. I got microwave mad, decided to swing and, then midway through my punch, realized it wasn’t worth the headache. By then, it was already too late and the right connected. Unlike Cudi, my remorse and restraint were brief before I realized “fuck it, can’t stop now” so I followed with a left along with another right. So maybe that kind of moment is what happened to Cudi, except he stopped with that one wiff punch.

Or maybe Shaker Heights just don’t raise’em right.

Whatever. Cudi, take your medication. Follow the label instructions and don’t mix it with weed or alcohol. Buggin’ fam.

Here, we will allow the chorus of “he wouldn’t have done that to me, word to my momma.” comments ensue. Hell, he deserves it. He wouldn’t have done it to me either.

Now, had he Freddie Foxxx’ed or even Pitbull’ed homie, it’d be a whole different ballgame.

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