“Don’t Talk About It, Be About It”

01.02.10 8 years ago 22 Comments

About a month or so ago SportsCenter did a little piece on the most clutch player in the NBA.  If my memory serves me correct LeBron or Dirk were at the top, with Kobe ranking either third or fourth.  Since then, he’s been hitting these buzzer beater/clutch shots (three total this season) like they’re going out of style.  He hit one about three weeks ago & the Sacramento Kings were his latest victim.  The brunt of the blame has to go to Paul Westphal for not only putting Kobe in single coverage, but also not even trying to deny him the ball.  Phil Jackson got him open on the screen, but we all know damn well Luke Walton (or was it Vujacic?) wasn’t getting the ball.  You should have at least put two people on him.  I’d probably go three, because 3/4 of the Lakers are genetically engineered to pass the ball to Kobe anyways.

Or perhaps the Kings wanted Kobe to hit the shot.  He’d already broken their will just a week ago with this play, en route to another OT win.

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