Video: “Ladies First” With Eternia & Rah Digga

03.03.11 7 years ago

Photo: BMS

By now, it’s been established that we here at TSS are big fans of Eternia. From giving her latest effort At Last a sterling 4 Cigs, to sitting down with MoSS and her for a Smoke, to naming the aforementioned album one of the twelve most slept-on albums of 2010, we’ve ranted and raved about her talent for the world to see. So, it should come as no surprise that Eternia absolutely lit up the Southpaw in Brooklyn at her first live show of 2011.

Far too often, live Hip-Hop shows are not done to their fullest. Instead, they’re reduced to one emcee, perhaps with a hype man, spitting over a pre-recorded beat. If there is a DJ, they’re not actually performing a craft, but just spinning records one after the next. Hell, I’ve been at performances where they didn’t even have a DJ. Is that acceptable? Perhaps, but it’s definitely hit or miss.

But the recent “Ladies First” show @ Southpaw? There’s no doubt that it was fire. Eternia’s passion is clearly evident in this video, as she spits like her life depended on getting the crowd going. The live band brings MoSS’ compositions to life, faithfully reproducing their head nodding appeal while adding their own distinctive spin. Chesney Snow, the beatboxer at Eternia’s side, provides an homage to the days of yore by doing his thing. And, the estimable Rah Digga is the special guest of honor, teaming with Eternia to perform their blazing lyrical showcase “The BBQ.” I can only wish that all hip-hop concerts had this kind of energy and lyricism. But, in lieu of that, I’m going to sit here, rewind this video, and wish that I was at the Southpaw on February 24th for this show.

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