Video: Lady Gaga Doesn’t Want You

06.01.09 8 years ago 26 Comments

As you don’t fit the requirements.

The humorous thing is she’s either nuts (no pun) or one helluva actress because she amazingly said she likes big schlongs with a deadpan look on her face. I was waiting on her to ask the interviewer, “What, bitch? You don’t?”

You only have to watch the first thirty seconds to get the gist of what I’m speaking on. After that, ol’snowbunny was cackling on & on about her music. I know some of you have a slight crush on this chick but I don’t find her physically appealing @ all. When I see her, I either start daydreaming about porn chicks in black leather or I want to sniff some coke so I can get on her level.

Did I mention that she’s said she wants to have a foursome with the Jonas Brothers? Too weird holmes. Type of broad Biggie was talkin’ about on that LAD interlude.

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