John Wall & LeBron James Defy Gravity At Chris Paul’s Charity Game

10.02.11 6 years ago 21 Comments

Dwyane Wade yelled at David Stern during a recent players and owners meeting and lived to dribble about it. So, yeah, while there’s still no NBA season, these makeshift charity games continue to appear by the dozens. The most recent, Chris Paul’s shindig, hosted the usual suspects of summer league warriors like Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant (spoiler alert: he led all scorers with 48), Wade and Kyrie Irving. However, it was John Wall and LeBron James who ended up having their own unofficial dunk contest, leaving even K.D. amazed. All things considered, that’s no real surprise because 1) Wall is definitely a lockout MVP candidate 2) this was in North Carolina, so you knew he was going to try to put on in front of his home state people. And 3) traveling would be called before defense is played in these games so the range of creativity is taken up like four or five notches off jump.

Regardless, Wall’s off-the-wall windmill was one of those “damn, that sh*t actually worked on the first try?” dunks. That took some balls to do mainly because there’s only one opportunity to do it and still have the crowd in the palm of your hands. Otherwise, you’re Chris Anderson in the 2005 Dunk Contest. LeBron’s, who brought the headband back out for this one, one handed alley was insane, especially when shown in slow motion (because what isn’t better in slow motion?). The best part about the jam though is Carmelo’s reaction. You could almost hear him thinking, “Dear God, please don’t let D’Antoni run Amar’e’s knees into the ground anymore. He can play just like this! Ok, almost like this.”

On a related note, was I the only one who immediately thought of the fight scene in Friday when the Stern/Wade fiasco went down. If Stern is Deebo and Wade is Craig in this case, that means LeBron was Smokey whispering to Melo, “That’s my dog! That’s my dog!” The only difference being that Craig won and got Nia Long and we’re still NBA-less.

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