The Miami Heat And Their One Dribble Fast Break

04.19.11 7 years ago 17 Comments

Heading into Game 2, gauging the tone for the Miami/Philly series was still unclear. The Heat were obviously the more talented team, but the Sixers were young, vibrant, led by a great head coach in Doug Collins and, in essence, playing with house money. The situation was a perfect recipe for an upset victory and the series heading back to the City of Brotherly Love all knotted at 1-1.

Well, the exact opposite happened and most in attendance were more concerned with South Beach than the outcome of the game by halftime (although it was surprising Miami didn’t blow the lead).

The NBA’s most lovable squad locked down on defense the entire night forcing Philly into contested jumpshots, three pointers and layups with the end result being only one starter on the Sixers with over 10 points. It was one of Miami’s most dominating performances of the season. That being said, lockdown defense leads to easy points and not many were easier than Mario Chalmers’ gift wrapped lob to LeBron James. The play was kick started with Joel Anthony’s defensive effort – which has been more than impressive as of late – and once D-Wade began to sprint upcourt and James down the wing, the outcome was all but decided.

While it wasn’t nearly as bad as his encounter with Dwight Howard, Jrue Holiday once again caught himself on the wrong end of an alley-oop. You can’t blame a guy for hustling, I guess.

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