NBA Lockout Report: NorBel Still Can’t Shoot

11.17.11 6 years ago 23 Comments

Whooo Lawd, it’s been awhile since I said anything about Tinsley’s golden child, LeBron James. Anyway, the above flick’s pretty self-explanatory. James takes part in a basketball outreach program in the UK and gets challenged to take three jumpers. After two clangers, one of Horace Grant’s long lost sons sticks out his chest and D’s up LBJ. It ain’t hard to tell what happens afterwards given NorBel’s track record. Anyway, I’m sure Gloria’s in the crowd screaming “that’s MY baby” while Delonte West tweets about it like a proud step-dad to the tune of “My boy Lebrin can play…he don’t have his daddy’s good hair dough…”

Via: TBJ

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