He Waited His Whole Life For This Moment…

09.18.09 8 years ago 14 Comments

…and probably paid decent money for those seats. You can tell he’s a serious fan because he’s got his cap turned backwards & the matching Phillies shirt. He doesn’t care that you think he’s a putz. He’s a Phillies fan and this team is a part of his life. It means so much to him, he even paid to bring his pride & joy, daddy’s little girl, to the game with him so that she would one day too grow to be a diehard Philly fan. And catching the foul ball? It made his life worth living. Like any loving father, he shares the moment with his child, allowing her to hold the ball.

Then she throws it back.

And these are the joys of parenthood. One day, after he’s worked long and hard, that same little girl is going to put her old dad in a nursing home, turn his dusty-billed Phillies cap backwards & leave him there while she goes off to spend his life’s earnings on slickbacked, strapping young fellow named Raul.

It’s the reason why I ain’t leaving my kids shit. They better work for whatever it is they want because I’m blowing all my cash on sneakers & cigarettes.

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