The N.O. Don’t Stop: Mannie Fresh, Mystikal & Juvie In The Studio

10.13.11 6 years ago 13 Comments

Before success comes from music, the love of the craft is preeminent. After success, however, that’s not always the case. For many artists, once the glory is attained, the art of simply penning songs becomes less of a release and more of a means to ends. For others, the wear of continually chasing after the unattainable takes it’s toll and leaves you worn to the point where crafting something creative is no longer worth the mental drain.

After watching this behind-the-scenes footage of former Southern staples Mannie Fresh, Mystikal & Juvenile horsing around in the studio, it’s pretty obvious which of those two categories they fall under. Well past their prime, these men are making music because it’s still what they do best. So, instead of watching the making-of of someone’s mixtape trailer, take a few minutes and soak up the talented half of the Big Tymers quickly cooking up some heat on the MPC for his #GuaranteedFresh vlog series, while the Unpredictable MC spews lyrical shells on a whim and Juvi conspires in awe. If you’ve ever copped an album with a Pen & Pixel cover from any artist out of Louisiana, this contemporary throwback is bound to leave you cheesin’.

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