Kevin Hart & Meek Mill Engage In An Old School Snapping Session

08.17.12 5 years ago 19 Comments

Backstage for the Dreams & Nightmares Tour at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, two of Philadelphia’s own – Kevin Hart and Meek Mill – found themselves in a good ol’ fashioned joking cipher. See, yours truly never participated in many events such as these seeing as how I ran on a two joke maximum. After two quality jokes, no bullets were left in the chamber and my only hope was one of those two connected so well the other person either quit, swung on me or a combination of the two.

The clip showcases Hart vs. Meek and his entire entourage as they crack jokes on his wardrobe while Kevin fires right back. And to be honest, Meek and his crew were going crack-for-crack until the comedian decided to focus all his efforts on an overweight gentleman known as Fat Reese. It became so bad Reese he eventually fled the scene after realizing he was all out of material while Kevin appeared to just be getting started. Let this be a lesson, too. As an amateur, never challenge a professional at their own craft. Just ask Bow Wow.

Any-who, consider this your official Friday time waster. Clocking in at 12 minutes, be sure to watch this after finding a slow moment at work. If this doesn’t take you back to the high school cafeteria days, not much else will.


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