Unlikely Moments In Sports History: Michael Jordan Asks Ken Griffey Jr. For His Autograph

08.22.12 5 years ago 14 Comments

Imagine watching Jay-Z going out of his way to get a guitar signed by Taylor Swift. Or, Johnny Depp hunting down Robert Pattinson, so he can get a movie prop autographed. Well thanks to the gold minors over at MLB Fan Cave, that’s basically what you’re getting with this rare footage of Michael Jordan asking Ken Griffey Jr. to sign a baseball bat at the 1993 MLB All-Star Game. Somewhat awkward and obviously staged for the press, the footage would be simply trivial, were it not for the fact Jordan’s father would be murdered about ten days later – sending the then three-time defending NBA champion’s life into turmoil. This tragic event, of course, would then trigger MJ’s preemptive retirement from the NBA and his Twilight Zone-like stint with the farm system of the same team who supplied him with the celebratory uniform that summer day, almost two decades ago.

Given the circumstances, this is essentially an unrealized minor league wannabe asking the reigning “Michael Jordan of baseball” for his autograph, which is weird on so many levels.

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