Video: Mickey Factz XXL Freestyle

10.14.08 9 years ago 20 Comments

I guess it’s time for me to lay my claim.

When it comes to these quote, unquote “Top Of The Class,” next-gen MCs, I strongly believe that Mickey Factz is easily the front runner of the herd. While his approach to the “Top” has been similar to the rest of his classmates, his content is not. To put it bluntly: conceptually he’s ready drop a 4 Cig debut (at the least). In regards to David and LC’s picks, if this was high school basketball, Corey Gunz would be dude who mastered the And1 moves but lacked in the fundamentals of running plays, and Blu would be the guy coaches begged to tryout but he would do his own thing instead.

Mickey’s that guy who makes the team because of his skills but never sees playing time.

Hopefully this generation can start dropping retail because the majority of us are already sold.


Mickey Factz – Road To The Achievement (Episode 4)

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