Who’s Crazy Enough To Bully Mike Tyson?

12.03.10 7 years ago 18 Comments

The lone comment on this YouTube video reads: “Mike Tyson – the most human human in the world…”

That may be the fairest assessment ever recorded about this guy. Iron Mike will forever rank as one of my favorite people because he was never, at any point, afraid to be himself. The crazy thing about life is we can go our entire lives and only meet a handful of people who were truly comfortable being themselves. Why? Two reasons. One, the overwhelming majority of people naturally want to be liked and accepted, so altering a part of oneself occurs more often than one would think. Two, it is hard to not only recognize your flaws, but embrace them as well.

Mike has never hid who he was and I love the guy for that. Being Michael Gerard Tyson has allowed him to reach incredible peaks and cataclysmic valleys and come out of it all dancing off-key like a mothaf#cka. The former heavyweight champ recently sat down with Larry King and a portion of their conversation centered around Tyson being bullied as a young kid.

This was obviously before Mike discovered he had two concealed weapons as body parts. Just pay attention to his demeanor however. He’s very subdued, yet equally enlightening. The clip is only a minute and 15 seconds, but a testament to how well Mike can express himself given the right setting.

Long live that crazy son of a bitch Mike Tyson, man. For real.

Respect: TLF

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