Nostalgia Ultra: Relive Just How Great “NBA Inside Stuff” Really Was

10.20.12 5 years ago 18 Comments

Whether it’s the popular opinion of the masses or not – it should be – NBA Inside Stuff remains one of the transcendent sports programs to ever happen to cable television. And thanks to some saint of a person, we can relive the show’s greatness until the end of time. Or at least until the Internet ceases to exist. Whatever happens first.

Growing up, Inside Stuff was just as important as Saturday morning cartoons for yours truly; if not more especially since I was hellbent on becoming the next Michael Jordan during those impressionable pre-teen years. The clips are full of random moments from the show’s run which spanned over two decades. For example:

1. Pat Riley busts out into some stupid dope dance moves.

2. Jayson Williams (not the one who played with Chris Webber) is shown in much happier times.

3. Being one of Ahmad Rashad’s “main men” was a badge of honor.

4. Shawn Marion has a brain fart.

5. And Michael Jordan cold cocks somebody with a golf club.

For as much praise as the ’90s-era basketball receives for what it represented, it’s not at all ignorant to say Ahmad Rashad and company played a part in doing so. While not Steve Sabol and NFL Films-instrumental, the program did assist in painting the story of the game and its characters in a light establishing them as superstars on the court and larger-than-life personalities away from the hardwood.


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