Nicki Minaj In Pasties Is One Reason To Look Forward To French Montana’s “Freaks” Video

02.27.13 5 years ago 17 Comments

There’s not much to discuss. Here, Nicki Minaj joins French Montana on the set of their bubbling spring break collaboration/anthem “Freaks.” As written in the unwritten by-laws of this here establishment, trailers normally don’t receive the time of day around here. They’re pointless. However, the exception was made for this instance in particular.

Nicki basically spends half of the clip with her chest out, only covered by a jacket and some well-placed pasties. Now if you’re really going to come here and throw shade over something like this, reevaluate your position on life. Not everything calls for a debate.* Not everything calls for rap nerd goggles. Not everything truly warrants a discussion on why the state of Hip-Hop is or is not headed down a path of eternal damnation.

Like eskay said, “Shout out to Nicki for letting them bitches breathe!”

* – So what if they’re fake. If she bought ’em, they’re hers. It’s the same way when buying food from the grocery store. You didn’t make those Frosted Flakes, but they’re yours once you walk out the store with them. I say all this knowing my girl will probably come across these words. If you don’t hear from me in the next week or so, be sure to alert the proper authorities.**

** – I’m just joking.

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