Video: Benzino Is Alive Apparently

09.03.09 8 years ago 14 Comments

It looks like YN’s angry, less relevant doppelganger is at it again. I honestly thought he was dead, but apparently not. And thank goodness, because I was feeling so hopeful about the state of Black people after Chris Brown’s bowtie took over last night that I really needed something to bring me down.

Thanks, Benzie.

I don’t even know where to start with this as Benzino has so many morsels of ignorance that make me giddy with self-hatred.

Ooh, here’s a good start: Benzino said he and his Made Men (quick, name another member…go!) should battle Slaughterhouse. Anyone else instantly think of that episode of Martin where he fought Tommy Hearns?

And anyone who utters the sentence “I put money on my aggin Jesus” should really re-evaluate his existence.

Benzino also goes on to explain that he loves “hood aggins” that blog. Yes, I love the rugged hood nature of my favorite Hip-Hop blogs. Because only real hood cats like myself bring the hood to the World Wide Web with our gully posts, ya dig?

*adjusts glasses*

“Ho-zone” and “Kim Fat Bitch Osoihoe”…how many hours out of the day do you think Benzino spends coming up with ways to insert “hoe” into his enemies’ names?

And finally we get to Benzino’s Twitter. Now, his profile is set to private so I have no clue what he says, but he claims that there are tons of haters hitting him up on Twitter. For those people hating on Benzino, please stop it. There has got to be someone more important to hate on. Doesn’t Gary Coleman have a Twitter page? But I do understand where the hate would come from. I wish my location was Swagtacular, M.I.A. too.

I’ve been watching this video as I type and I thaink i dun got dummerer or sumthin…

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