Video: Oakland Salon Beating

06.17.09 9 years ago 27 Comments

TC sends me girlfights & shit from WSHH but those are usually just teenage girls pulling hair & yelling “bitch” a bunch of times. Nothing too vicious and I assume that TC watches so he can see tits fly out.

But this footage of an Oakland salon beatdown…SMH. I try to avoid videos like these because it hurts me when the beating goes on for too long lol. No disrespect to MM & anyone from the area but I won’t be visiting Oak-town anyyy-time soon.

1. Too many grown ass people stood around & watched without stopping it or helping.

2. The two assailants called into local radio & said they beat the lady’s ass. By their standards, they claim they shouldn’t be in trouble because “We didn’t kill the girl.”

3. Apparently, Oakland police are looking into the matter and it “could” led to arrests. I’m not sure what else they need to see since you have evidence, suspects, an admission of guilt & a videotape. That was more than enough for O.J.’s case.

4. If the chicks are brawling like that, imagine if you had to box a couple of hard ankles from Oakland.

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