Video: Old Oakland A’s Fan Get Tasered

08.09.09 8 years ago 7 Comments

what happened to the good ol’days where a cop would just beat the crap out of you with a billy club? Hehe, I told you fools these things were no joke.

According to Oakland Police spokesman Jeff Thomason, the unidentified man was allegedly drunk and yelling profanities, prompting A’s security to ask the cops to have him removed. Police say he appeared to be intoxicated, refused to leave and took a swipe at one of the cops. “Given his size and his condition the officer thought it appropriate to taser him,” Thomason said. The tased fan was hospitalized and held on a “5150” crazy hold.

Oakland Police say that they are being inundated with calls from cable news for comment on this incident. Oakland Police have yet to identify the fan.

Now when was the last time you went to a sporting event, much less a baseball game, and fans weren’t tipsy? If a knucka is willing to pay $7.50 for a beer, they deserve the right to be drunk. Not assholes, but drunk.

I have to admit I giggled when they started clearing the area before administering the Taser…and fools got out the way without asking questions.


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