Video: Phoenix Performing “1901” Live @ Vandy’s Rites Of Spring

05.23.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

A bit of leftover footage from Vandy’s Rites Of Spring that I never got around to posting. Actually, I suck @ editing video so I have to wait around to get assists in that department (if you’re skilled, holler @ my inbox). There’s several clips in the archives but rock stars do not stand still while on stage, the sounds are twice as large and that’s not to mention the disco lighting Phoenix employed throughout their set. As a result, that footage is shakey dog status, complete with blarrrring bass and flashing white people every other second. Still, this clip of my favorite Frenchmen performing “1901” was salvageable and worth its weight. I shot this from a good 50 yards away, after I left photographer’s row, and it came out much better because the crowd’s energy is more apparent. This was the last song of their set and, obviously, the biggest and best next to “Lisztomania.” To sum it up, there whole set was charged with the electric throughout and it was all I could do to restrain myself from kicking into an Ashlee Simpson Riverdance moment. To cope, I hid behind my camera and just stayed focused.

Sidebar: That stage railing you see near the front of the front, lead singer Thomas Mars scaled that for one of the songs. It was great. Yeah, rockers are way more animated than rappers.

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