Video Proof The Illuminati Exists And That It’s Been Brainwashing You All Along

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07.04.14 18 Comments

On The Run Tour illuminati

You called them crazy. You made fun of their tin-foil hats. You mocked them for spotting the all-seeing eye in just about every picture ever. Well looks who’s Boo Boo The Fool now. The Illuminati is real and there’s finally unequivocal proof.

While listening to a hip hop station over the course of a day, some guy noticed a good chunk of songs featured a sample of dudes yelling, “Hey!” Seems innocent, huh? Well, as any good conspiracy theorist will tell you, “Hey” is short “Heylel” which is Hebrew for… wait for it… LUCIFER!

And yeah, most of the songs were produced by hitmaker du jour, DJ Mustard On The Beat Hoe. But that just means one thing: It was never Jay Z! It’s been Mustard all along!

DJ Mustard illuminati

Have your brain blown to bits below. And remember, #staywoke.

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