Video: Raekwon’s Carlyle Motor Club Commercial

06.15.09 8 years ago 2 Comments

This video of Raekwon spitting to promote The Carlyle Motor Club. But honestly, the way Rae’s been spitting as of late, he could be promoting eye crust and year-old salami and I’d be excited to hear it.

The video was directed by John Colombo who has been putting together some strong visuals as of late. We’ve already posted his videos for Budden’s “Exxes” and Rae’s “New Wu.” And they’re exceptionally dope. It seems like too many think that a video for the net only needs a Flip cam and some skrippers but Colombo is putting in work. What’s impressive about his videos is that he brings this New York grittiness to them that’s to the point and ill. Watch that “New Wu” video and tell me it’s not vintage Killah Bee action.

John Colombo is the director I’ll be checking for from now on. Methinks you may want to do the same.

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