Today’s Headline: “Rapper Has Sex With Girl & Spits A Freestyle During An Interview!”

12.12.09 8 years ago 21 Comments


I have absolutely nothing witty to say. Nothing I can muster up will top what you will see in this clip. I partially have to blame/credit Bol because he plugged this on another site. I watched…I’m not sure why I watched but I think I’ll go to church tomorrow and Lord Jesus on high knows I haven’t entered through those doors in years. Vlad TV’s shitty title is somewhat misleading because this guy, I’m sorry, I didn’t get his name…he’s got a big’un, or at least she looks to be and he’s porking her…or at least he looks to be. And he’s rappin’…or…just click the link.

Soooo NSFW.

And hell nah I wasn’t posting the video here. This is a residential district! We got families and underage kids who come thru here! We may be bootleggers but we ain’t no damn smut peddlers! Nah, I think I just like to throw mess like this up on the weekends to see who’s paying attention.

“Rapper Has Sex With Girl & Spits A Freestyle During An Interview!” [VladTV]

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