Notorious B.I.G. On Being The East’s #1 Contender: “It’s All Good. I Can Take The Weight.”

04.19.12 6 years ago 24 Comments

Whenever these “unreleased” clips of artists emerge – especially the ones no longer with us – the first question I have is who the hell sat on the footage for this long? And what made him/her release it now? The other night, I stumbled across a never-before-seen clip of Voletta’s only child on the set of “Warning.” Seeing Chris so wide eyed* about his career, leaving the street life behind and, of course, beaming with pride over life of his baby girl, T’yanna, revealed an emcee coming to peace with his new life both professionally and personally.

I can’t be the only one who gets a queasy feeling in their stomach watching clips like these though. It’s weird looking back at a person’s life knowing you’re aware how their life will end. Meanwhile, the only look on their face is happiness and anticipation for what they believed would be a long, productive life. Something about that will never truly sit right with me.

Bonus: Head over to Hip Hop Wired to check out E-40 addressing one of the more infamous urban legends Hip-Hop’s birthed over the years. You know, the one about him scheduling a fake concert for Biggie in Sacramento which ultimately led to B.I.G. getting ran up on at gun point.

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* – By wide-eyed, I also mean high as telephone wires.

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