Video: Rhapsody & Jay-Z Recreate His Album Artwork

08.31.09 8 years ago 44 Comments

*Throws hands in the air mimicking the scene from Do The Right Thing*

I told someone last week, I don’t even think it’s about Jay anymore. I think it’s more about the team & minds that he’s got assembled around him @ this point. Now, we all know that comes from his ascension to prestige & recognition because everyone wants to partner with a winner. It’s his past greatness that allows him latitude to move free & the support necessary to retain his “Hustler’s posterchild” title.

Creating what’s next or at least staying on the cusp of what is does require a few creative minds. Jay has that for years unending, helping him to recreate himself as any good entertainer should. He’s walked that fine line between staying unattainable & detached, yet just enough in the mix of things to stay relevant. Momentum is key & Jay’s managed to keep it, as an entity & businessman @ least.

Now musically, his last truly great outing was The Black Album. Yeah…I said it.

You can listen to BP3 in full @ and from MTV’s The Leak, all without fear of repercussion from the RIAA.

Rhapsody and MTV Set the Stage for Jay-Z’s Latest Album, The Blueprint 3 [HHPR]

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