Get Used To This: Ricky Rubio To Derrick Williams

01.08.12 6 years ago 9 Comments

While formulating our predictions prior to the season, one that was thrown around – that ultimately didn’t make the cut – was Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio and the Minnesota Timberwolves being one of the more exciting teams this season to not make the playoffs. And thus far during this still young season, they’re just that. Contrary to popular belief, the NFL wasn’t the only league in action on Sunday, as the NBA presented a slate of games. One of those featured the aforementioned T-Wolves and the still winless-Washington Wizards.

Rubio and second overall pick Derrick Williams have been two of the season’s pleasant surprises and have the look of forming a beautiful union for years to come. You see, Double R is playing to his strengths – ball handling and passing – and with a team that sports rebounding hawk Love and Williams who can put the ball in the basket, there’s plenty of assists to go around (not to mention Mike Beasley who’s injured at the moment). Here, Rubio and Williams connect on a half court alley-oop which appeared more pedestrian than impressive (what it actually is).

This leads me to two last points I’d like to address about Minnesota.

1. In an ideal world, Rubio will be for the Timberwolves what Rondo is for Boston. Although currently at 52%, he’s not the world’s greatest shooter – now when that develops, maybe Nash 2.0? – but is looking like perfect fit for that team with court vision that’s nearly second to none. If he develops into the point guard he was hyped as, waiting for him matriculate from across the pond to join the franchise could turn David Kahn from perennial punchline to hometown favorite. Well, almost. Johnny Flynn over Stephen Curry will forever remain a head scratcher.

2. Someone better make sure Kevin Love remains a T-Wolf.

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