Rolando McClain Is Obviously A Wrestling Fan

09.20.10 7 years ago 16 Comments

I haven’t paid attention to wrestling in well over eight years. WWF (I refuse to refer to it with the ‘E’ on the end) always ranked as #1 in my book, but after that whole merger with WCW and ECW, I lost interest. Minus the B.S., I still have fond memories of the sport however. One wrestler in particular whose matches I always enjoyed was Chris Benoit.

Apparently Oakland Raiders rookie linebacker Rolando McClain feels the same way.

At least one time per contest, Benoit would always do that belly-to-back suplex sequence. It never failed, regardless whether he won or lost. This past Sunday, McClain caught St. Louis Rams wideout Danny Amendola creepin’ on a come up. Those dreams were quickly eradicated when he was greeted to “The Bay” with a suplex which probably would have had Benoit smiling if he were alive to see it.

He could have easily fell on top of the guy and would have been awarded the tackle still, but he didn’t. Let this serve as a benchmark to rookies across the league. If you want to stop the freshman hazing, suplex your opponent. It’s like a tuxedo t-shirt – it shows you’re here for fun, but you mean business at the same time.

H/T: Jose3030

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