Video: Sade Plays Wanda Sykes For Jimmy Kimmel

02.22.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

Ms. Adu’s voice has been a staple in my life as long as I can remember. Back in the ’80s she was dropping off albums like it was nothing, whereas now she subscribes to the Dr. Dre method of dropping an album off every decade or so before fading back in the shadows. Which is cool, her music’s worth the wait & she doesn’t disappoint. However, in today’s day & age when we know almost too much about artists, Sade remains a mystery. We’ve been deluged with videos performing “Soldier Of Love” from Ellen to The Price Is Right. But her speaking or doing anything else is a bit more elusive.

So hats off to Wanda Sykes for getting Sade to actually do a skit. If I don’t ever learn another thing about her, knowing that Sade has a sense of humor just upped her SQ (sexy quotient) another 15 points. I mean who’d of thought you’d be able to score a sidewalk performance from Sade for a parking spot and a horse? Even I could arrange that on short notice. That kind of makes Drake & Co. a bit overpriced don’t you think?

Sade may have a funny bone, but she’s no liar. Here’s the clip of her performing on Kimmel to prove it. Black History Month be damned.

Maybe next decade, Wanda.

Props: Yardie

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