SNL Obviously Reads TSS

04.19.10 8 years ago 21 Comments

In Fall 2009, the Shake Weight captured The Crew’s hearts and imaginations. Clearly the writers over at SNL frequent the site, as they saw the same comedic possibilities with the exercise machine that we did.

Since my original Shake Weight post, I’ve gotten a text every time a friend of mine sees a weird, potentially pornographic infomercial. While it’s nice to be on my friends’ minds, it’s slightly weird to get a text that reads “I saw a group of women look like they were giving a handy to an inanimate object and it made me miss you!”

This past Saturday, my phone blew up (ok, I got one text) about this SNL spoof of the Shake Weight commercials. This is a rare comedic gem for the show, so cherish it.

The writing team also read Beware’s ICP post and poked fun at their musical genius. I wonder how many people have no clue that this is based on an actual video. I envy those people.

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