Stephen A. Smith Doesn’t Agree With LeBron’s Happiness

10.14.11 6 years ago 14 Comments

I’m pretty sure LeBron boned Stephen A. Smith’s sister at some point this summer. Either that or the ESPN guru bet his entire retirement on the Heatles in the Finals. Whatever the reason, Steve is seething at LBJ’s seemingly nonchalant attitude after taking the fourth quarters off en route to Miami’s losses against the Mavericks. That combined with the arrogance that oozes from NorBel’s footsteps at long last now have #6’s bandwagon moving on without Smith. However, through all of the rage, ether and hilarity, the wrecking ball known as Stephen A. Smith does have a point in that James should be more focused at feeding his empty trophy case rather than his ego.

I’ve never been a fan of either of these two, so it’s just pure entertainment for me to hear Steve say LeBron should make up to the millions of fans who “watched [him] wet the bed in the fourth quarter.” The whole clip is a classic rant that’s not for LBJ stans who forgot to wear their bulletproof vests today.

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