Video: STS Gets Into A “Great Mood” With Air Force One

12.20.11 6 years ago 3 Comments

Mr. Charismatic Airmatic is going on a warpath against any and everyone who hangs out near the Billboard water cooler. Anybody looking for Slim can get your e-pans ready for the GOLD Rush; a weekly series where he of ‘ol tongue of sugar will be remixing songs with more twists and turns than that crazy of flow of his. And that’s a lot of twists.

With The Illustrious in his back packet (sleep no more!), it’ll be interesting to see how he springs forward with his next endeavor. This first flip is Wale’s “That Way” and producer MPIII does an incredible job of burying the original sounds. Also included is “The Ones” presented by none other than Air Force One, as they go out of their way to profile artists that are actually talented. Tabernacle!

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