Summer’s Eve Encourages Ladies To Keep It Right, Tight & Fresh

07.26.11 6 years ago 8 Comments

A long time ago game was passed down to me which has proven more and more true as the years have gone by. Jay and R. Kelly made a song about it, as did Nas. The most powerful drug ever created is women. Specifically, what’s between their legs. There’s a funny saying that goes “bros before hoes,” and while that hierarchy is ideal, good p*ssy – and by I’m talking high class, the silverware you only used once a year type good – is the one defense men have never been able to truly conquer.

Yet, with anything, “the box” doesn’t remain in tip-top shape on its own. Some maintenance must be performed to make sure everything remains hospitable down there. Otherwise, it’s going to start looking like Rick Ross’ beard and donning a putrid chitterlings aroma. And some of you Quagmire-type guys don’t even care, huh? That’s partially the reason we’ve got super STD’s running around now. Anyway, this is where Summer’s Eve comes into play. A friend of mine told me about the commercial over the weekend, later sending the YouTube link. And while it is funny, every single last word was legit.

Wars have started over women. Men have died over sex. It’s going to remain that way until the end of time, too. Because ever since man came out of a womb, he’s been trying to get back in one.

Bonus: Ever the alert denizen of oddball culture, Stephen Colbert gave his two shillings on Summer’s Eve targeting of the African-American and Latina communities. But what about the fresheners for the male species? Don’t worry men, he’s got you covered. Hail to the D!

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