Video: The Karate Kid Trailer

12.23.09 8 years ago 26 Comments

Not a fan of this remake. Not “hating” but some things should just never be. The 1984 original was ill but the subsequent follow-ups pretty much drove the novelty of the idea into the ground. Where the first relied on a “pure at heart” energy, I can see this one rolling along on Hollywood’s usual schitck of CGI and dull sarcasm. Rolling right along to the bank because I know my kids will have me in the theaters to watch in July. But, I just will not be comfortable with Jackie Chan, sporting a thin, Vietnamese style mustache, sharply saying “jack-et off” to a small kid. Enh…creepy..

If there’s any greater good to be taken from the film, assume that Jaden Smith just insured the family’s accounts for several more generations. Nepotism and Hollywood keeping dad happy landing the kid the role? Perhaps. But when dad is a leading man (and he gets a check as producer as well), Hollywood did what it had to do (See: James Cameron getting $500m to do Avatar).

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