The Sexy Women Of Entourage, Rapping

12.07.10 7 years ago 24 Comments

There is a primary reason why Entourage has existed for seven seasons with virtually the same plot and it damn sure isn’t because of Vinny Chase’s hair. Combining for the fornicating prowess of Wilt Chamberlain, the Hollywood man-whores have definitely slayed some baddies in bed. Generally nameless with faces worth killing for, it’s all the reason your average guy needs to tune in every Sunday. I’m sure I’ve seen 75% of the episodes and definitely don’t remember Rosa Acosta being sexually expendable but, at some point, trying to f*ck every girl in the world will likely have its hazy moments.

To celebrate their 15 seconds of fame and the syndication of the show on Spike TV, a few forgettable beauties bust a flow to try and jog your memory. Gary Busey also makes an appearance but if you’re checking for him, go purify your eyes with some drain cleaner.

Spotted @ Spark Of Sanity Via Spike TV

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