Video: Three 6 Mafia x Alice In Wonderland

08.31.09 8 years ago 8 Comments

Words by Jesse H.

There’s something to this Hip-Hop/Kids cartoon mashup trend going on. My eternal favorite will always be the ingenious Bert and Ernie/M.O.P. mashup, but other highlights include such lesser-known gems as the always entertaining Lazy Town/Lil Jon remix.

Obviously, with so many attempts scattered throughout the internets, it’s pivotal to up the ante on hilarity if you want more buzz. TSS Nation, I believe the bar has been raised.

“Alice In Wonderland” has always been a stoner-approved, twisted-ass fairy tale (TC already dropped an excellent Alice-related video gem in the comments months ago), but whoever Youtube user “Waambat” is has achieved a landmark in video editing by splicing together relevant clips of the cartoon set to Three 6 Mafia’s “Smokin’ On the Dro.” What sets this video apart from previous attempts is the miraculous sequencing of the shots. While Bert and Ernie were just a little bit off on lip-syncing their respective verses on “Ante Up,” this attempt is damn near flawless. Add that to the fact that the characters are designed to give you a visual contact high, and you’ve got yourself a goddamned viral burner.

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