Video: Tyler Honeycutt Baptizes Michael Beasley

03.19.12 6 years ago 6 Comments

For no other reasons than liking their respective games, Tyler Honeycutt and Chandler Parsons were two of my favorite college basketball players last year. And last night, while the world fixated itself on March Madness, Young Tyler had himself a rookie season defining moment at the expense of The Association’s favorite chronic smoker, Michael Beasley.

Give credit to the Kings for turning defense into offense. Prior to the start of the season, Sacramento was a squad of note for me personally mainly stemming from the fact there is so much young talent out there 85% of casual fans wouldn’t bat an eye at. They’re not the biggest market in basketball, but memories of the early 2000’s Kings’ squads and how live Arco Arena was is something I pray returns at some point in the future. Also, give credit for Mike Beasley for attempting to get back on defense to defend the fast break.

However, never in the history of this glorious sport has something good come from a player back pedaling on fast break who then does a 360 looking for the ball. Mike did it and the result was this post.

* – Maybe the best thing about the entire clip is Francisco Garcia’s cheese grin. No, screw that, it is the best thing about this clip and that’s no shade whatsoever to Tyler.

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