Video: Wale & J. Cole Freestyle @ Denny’s

11.20.09 8 years ago 11 Comments

Touring isn’t what it used to be. I told you that they weren’t letting anyone backstage @ the BP3 show and J. Cole spoke on how there weren’t any groupies gettin’ their back out as far as he could see. Bummer. I think we all grow up having wet dreams where floozy after floozy in countless city comes through…well I ain’t tellin’ you my dreams.

We all have a romanticized perception of what the life of an entertainer is supposed to be composed of. In most cases, I assume it’s still made up of those things, otherwise Gucci wouldn’t be risking violating his parole, chasing the checks and the lights of the night life. Same for Boosie, word to anal-pill-insertion, I mean because you can’t get that type of action out of no regular bitch from the city. But this was Mr. Carter’s ship and it’s a tightly run affair. So what do you do after tearing down the stage in front of packed crowds?

If you’re Wale & J. Cole, you kick a freestyle @ Denny’s while UCB keeps the beat.

And regardless of what these fuckboys tell you, this is why both of these guys have my support. Don’t let random Twittering or some pulled quote from an interview let you get the game twisted. These guys are just as authentic as the ashiest-elbowed trap rapper you can imagine and their love for the art is true. And the future of rap is in safe hands.

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