Now We Have Wale’s Side Of The Raptors/Wizards Game Story

02.22.13 5 years ago 29 Comments

Fun fact: Wale briefly played college football at Virginia State University under my uncle, a topic he very, very briefly touches on in this video. The more relevant and pertinent topic, however, focuses on his “disagreement” with Toronto Raptors’ announcer Matt Delvin a few days ago at the now somewhat infamous Wizards/Raptors game in the nation’s capital.

Folarin gives his take on why he took offense to the comments made about him. In all honesty, it’s not difficult to understand where he’s coming from because it is human nature to react when someone speaks ill of you in a not-so-desirable manner. Yet, it does further enforce the notion Wale’s biggest character flaw as an artist and man of the people is that he has an extremely difficult time turning the other cheek.

Such a realization is expressed with MMG’s DC import also speaks on a recent dust up in a mall prior to All Star Weekend. These words truly don’t do the justice Wale does in this clip where he comes off arrogant, down-to-earth, remorseful and mildly relatable. All in under 10 minutes.

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