Webbie Is Looking For Terrence J And He Isn’t Happy

10.24.11 6 years ago 18 Comments

At this point, Webbie’s antics are overshadowing his music. That’s never a good thing, but staying relevant is the goal regardless of how it’s achieved. Some random camera catches Webbie and decides ask him about his 106 & Park excommunication. And what happens next was worth clicking play. Well, at least the parts you could understand. According to Young Savage, Rocsi was the one who was on him and he was only responding to her advances. From there, the rest is unclear and you’ll probably need a Baton Rouge resident to decipher, but the soliloquy becomes heated when the subject of Roci’s co-host, Terrance J, is mentioned. Violence is never the answer, but often the threat in videos like these and Webbie makes it clear he’s coming for T.J., even guaranteeing, “I’m gon’ beat his b*tch ass up.”

In other news, I’ll believe Savage Life 3 is coming once I see a physical copy with my own two eyes.

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