Pimp C, Lil Boosie & Webbie: The Album That Almost Happened

11.18.11 6 years ago 10 Comments

The career paths of Boosie and Webbie would be extremely different had Chad Butler never passed away. I’m convinced of this. Listen to any interview from years past with the two and pay attention how highly they speak of their late mentor. The respect went far beyond music, rather someone they genuinely trusted with their careers (a rarity if there ever was one in the music industry).

Of course, this isn’t to say Trill Ent. would be as revered as, say, G.O.O.D. Music mainly because their style of work caters towards a drastically different target market. Still, and I could very well be wrong, I like to convince myself Boosie wouldn’t be in the situation he’s right now thanks in part to Pimp’s guidance while Webbie would have taken music more seriously since the release of Savage Life 2.

There’s no way to determine the validity of my statement; it’s merely a hunch I’ve held on to while witnessing both careers hit speed bump after speed bump the past three years or so. The most disheartening gift we were never afforded from the outspoken trio was the collective album they had planned to release before Pimp C’s death in 2007. In an interview with VIBE, Webbie sheds light on the V12 Boyz project and how Pimp planned to make them richer than their wildest dreams before the first record was even sold.

It was Bigga who I believe I was talking with on Twitter a few days ago in regards to this very same topic. The mythical album would have been ignorant, violent, vulgar and everything in between, but there’s not a person on Earth with the ability to convince me this LP wouldn’t have been anything short of at least a 4 Cigs. Webbie already raps with added intensity when alongside Boosie; imagine the outcome if Pimp C presided over the entire album handling hooks and dropping the occasional 16.

The possibilities are endless. For the remainder of the interview, it’s modern day Webbie with every other sentence being audible. That being said, the end of the clip finds Young Savage actually dropping the most authentic insight I’ve heard from him in a good minute.

“I’ve learned…life…people don’t wanna see you happy, man. So whenever you can smile, take advantage and use it. You heard me, bruh? You can’t smile when you dead. Sometimes you gotta force a lil’ smile when you doing life or in the hole. Whenever you can man, go on and use it. Like right now.”

Trill sh*t. Savage Life 3 is in stores now. And yes, I purchased the album yesterday along with Take Care.

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Respect: DGB

Bonus: The homie Dre of DGB caught up with Yo Gotti who recently paid a visit to Boosie’s family. And Mama Hatch, if you ever come across this page, am I invited for family dinner? I promise I won’t come empty handed. Gotti also sheds light on Live From The Kitchen, which has already been turned into the label.

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