Video: When Overdoz. Met A$AP Mob

02.08.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

Too often do we see rap crews collaborating with each other for no other reason than throwing honey-soaked bread against the wall, trying to make something stick. The similarities between the A$AP and Overdoz. camps should have fans who are tired of the “same ‘ol thang” exhaling with relief. From JFK to LAX, they both excel in creating quality releases, understand the value of teamwork and have an affection towards a certain notorious plant.

Before they go on, they gotta get high! It remains to be seen what comes out of this smoking session but best believe it’s going to be dested and bursting with purple swag. Look out, ScHoolBoy. Take a gander how Rocky took Toronto by storm when the homie Lola invited him down. The OD’z aren’t far behind in the trail of smoke he’s been leaving.

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