Video: “Where’s Donwill?”

07.08.09 9 years ago 2 Comments

In what might be the oddball-est/creative, spur of the moment marketing for a show I’ve seen in a minute, Don Will’s been kidnapped…or maybe “grown-man-napped.”

Let that be a lesson to you all. Don’t accept candy from strangers & if someone approaches you, yell “STRANGER DANGER! STRANGER DANGER!” and haul ass.

Anyways, you can prolly find Don, Tanya Morgan plus Marco Polo & Torae over @ Southpaw tonight, if you’re in the area. Che Grand x Brown Bag All-Stars will be performing as well.

That’s four mighty reasons why some days I wish I was in NYC. The fifth might be because it’s 90°+ out this mickey fickey.

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