“I Murder A Rhyme One Word At A Time…”

06.01.09 8 years ago 19 Comments

This Video Will Be Pulled By Youtube In 5, 4, 3…

Eminem getting tea-bagged at an MTV event isn’t really hilarious to me. Call me square; it’s whatever. Shit wasn’t really funny (THIS had the best dick-n-ball moment of the night).

For me, the real interesting thing last night was Em’s performance.

Earlier in the day Sway asked Em what it takes to put together a great live performance and he responded something to the effect of “It used to be pills and alcohol. Now it’s Diet Coke and Red Bull.” And it finally hit me this man has transformed his life.

I smoked menthols for two years in high school and been quitting for 10 years ever since. I know how hard it is to drop something you’ve incorporated into the fabric of who you are. And though cigarettes are nothing compared to pills, I have a lot of empathy for a person trying to move their life in a direction left of what seemed right for so long.

Love or hate Relapse, you have to hand it to Em for starting his career over in a place he’s never been — sober. He looked and sounded better last night than just about anyone else in Hip-Hop right now. With Kanye off somewhere in Candyland, Em is the the only man standing really doing it on his level in rap. He makes the XXL Freshmen cover look like a Huggies Pull-Ups advertisement. Let Asher Roth go be piss ass drunk somewhere in the bread aisle…I’ll still take a sober Em and his skill set any day, thank you.

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