Read Vince Gilligan’s Explaination Of The ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale

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Is it cool if we talk about Breaking Bad a bit more? Because, even though the series ended, like, three days ago (an eternity in Internet time), rumors keep churning and people keep talking.

But instead of linking to every piece of fan theory out there (I just really happened to like Norm’s take on it), let’s let series creator Vince Gilligan tell us his take on the finale. The writer/producer has been taking something of a victory lap over the past couple of days, and recently went to Entertainment Weekly for an interview that fans will want to read. Topics include Jesse Pinkman’s future, going out on top and the creative process behind the finale.

On choosing an ending for Walt in which he was afforded a sliver of redemption before dying

“We didn’t feel an absolute need for Walt to expire at the end of the show. Our gut told us it was right. As the writers and I worked through all these different possibilities, it felt right, but I don’t think it was a necessity for us. There was a version we kicked around where Walt is the only one who survives, and he’s standing among the wreckage and his whole family is destroyed. That would be a very powerful ending but very much a kick-in-the-teeth kind of ending for the viewers.

“…It’s a real mixed message at the end. Walt has failed on so many levels, but he has managed to do the one thing he set out to do, which is a victory. He has managed to make his family financially sound in his absence, and that was really the only thing he set out to do in that first episode. So, mission accomplished.”

On the decision to spare Jesse and allow him to escape

“We found over the years that the way we can please the majority of the audience most of the time is to tune out as much extraneous factors as possible and please the eight of us in the writers room. If we can make ourselves happy day in and day out, we had a pretty good chance of making most viewers happy as well, and that’s what held us in good stead for six years. With that in mind, all [of us] in the writers room just loved Jesse (Aaron Paul) and we just figured he had gotten in way over his head.

“…In every which way, he’s just been paying the piper, and we just figured it felt right for him to get away. It would have been such a bummer for us, as the first fans of the show, for Jesse to have to pay with his life ultimately.”

Nothing too groundbreaking to learn, but the interview does confirm that the end of the series was choreographed in such a way to make the fans happy. Apparently, some people are pissing and moaning about, which is why we can’t have nice things.

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