Vince Staples Explains How ‘Empire’ Is Worse Than Crack

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11.16.15 15 Comments

Vince Staples has never been one to back down from an opinion, no matter how unpopular. Take his thoughts on the ’90s for example. With that in mind, GQ correctly thought it would be a good idea to have the Summertime ’06 rapper critique 20 years of ‘Man of the Year’ photoshoots. While everybody from Tom Cruise to Chris Paul got roasted, the biggest burn came at the expense of Empire, a show Vince clearly isn’t a fan of.

Why is Chris Rock on Empire? They gotta stop destroying the black community with stuff like that. Might as well just bring crack back. I prefer crack. At least you could be a crackhead- at least that has a negative connotation. This Empire sh*t is going way too overboard.

I would argue that Empire has all sorts of positive life lessons. Like Andre getting advice from his Reverend not to cheat on his wife, and instead bribing his mistress. Or Lucious promoting racial harmony with a drunken threesome. These are all messages that are worthy of a prime time television slot. Vince could’ve used that negative energy to bash Chris Paul’s wardrobe some more, because a camouflage bubble vest is a crime against fashion.

(Via GQ H/T XXL)

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