Vince Young Finally Found A New Job

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Sometimes you just have to feel for former Texas Longhorns and retired NFL quarterback Vince Young.

The man became a Draft punchline in much the same manner that JaMarcus Russell became one, despite the fact that his numbers as a NFL quarterback were actually… ok! Young threw for 9,000 yards and 46 touchdowns in six seasons as a pro, compiled a 31-19 record as a starter, not to mention won a BCS national championship in college. That’s not Hall of Fame-worthy, but still good!

But then people find out that he’s the reason he caused a rift in the Tennessee Titans locker room when Jeff Fisher was coach. And, somehow, miraculously–but allegedly–he spent $6,000 at TGI Friday’s, shortly after declaring he’s broke. Not even my horrid Cleveland Browns would sign him to be a clipboard-toting quarterback. He had some faults.

His alma mater doesn’t care about those things, though, as they’ve hired Young to their Department of Diversity and Community Engagement. Burnt Orange Nation can explain what the former record-setting quarterback will be doing specifically.

Hired as the development officer for program alumni relations in the Department of Diversity and Community Engagement, Young will raise money for PROGRAMS that address the educational challenges of first-generation college students and students from low-income backgrounds.

Despite Texas’ flagship university’s faux pas in Internet democratization, the University of Texas-Austin has been making inroads in helping assimilate first-generation college students to campus. The New York Times Magazine‘s Paul Trough had an interesting story on UT’s progressive approach in May, so it makes sense that UT would hire one of their most-famous athletes to help raise money to conceivably help further this very institutional shift.

Let’s hope that Young’s involvement is more than just symbolic and that his experience as a first-generation student (even if he was a low-key professional “student athlete”) helps him own this role. Who knows: it could work out better for him than being a quarterback.

H/T: Burnt Orange Nation

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